If you are registered on the Early Years Register to care for children from birth to the 31st August after their 5th birthday, you will need to abide by the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The EYFS comprises the Statutory Framework which contains your legal responsibilities for children's health, safety, learning and development as well as guidance documents that can help you to meet the statutory requirements.

The EYFS states that certain records need keeping in writing. While it suggests that childminders do not need to have their policies in writing, and that the childminder can decide if risk assessments are recorded or not, it can be deemed good practice to have these documents in writing too in order to show how childminders can relate the information to parents and others who need to know. It is a requirement that childminders maintain the records needed and share them with parents, carers and other professionals including the police, social services and Ofsted as appropriate. Read more about records you need to keep.

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The documents you need, can be accessed in the links below:

Compulsory documents

Statutory Framework For The Early Years Foundation Stage

A hard copy is available in our shop

Guidance documents

A Know How Guide to the EYFS progress check at age two

This non statutory guidance sets out the aims and principles of the two year check and contains guidance on assessment and completing the check

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage

This non statutory document has now been archived by Government, but contains lots of information about Characteristics of Effective Learning and how to help children reach the milestones in the Unique Child column

Early Years Outcomes - non statutory guidance that has replaced Development Matters and consists of the 'A Unique Child' column taken from the Development Matters document

Frequently Asked Questions. Childminder Ratios 4Children have produced answers to some frequently asked questions about childminder ratios.

What to expect, when? 4Children guidance for parents about their child's learning in the EYFS